Discovering my Australian, English, Polish and Ukrainian roots! (and other countries)


Here youŽll find the surname GAMBRILL (NSW & Kent UK) and others closely related. My paternal line has 2 convicts, father and son - George and William Gambrill (Gambrell). Other than gathering names and dates I collect birth, marriage and death documents and other related material for proper verification. If a piece of information has no source, take it as a guide only. If you have any documents that you would like me to transcribe and add to this site click on the 'submit photo/doc' tab on the relevant persons page and i'll update their details. Photos are just as important so I try to seek out a face for everyone (where realistically possible).

Dec 2015, I'll be exploring my GAMBRILL dna in due time as I have just purchased my first test. Its done to compliment/enhance my ancestry, so we'll see how it goes.

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